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God Has Spoken

ImageOften when we use those words, “God has spoken,” we are trying to correct someone. That can bring out negative emotions and stifle spirituality.

But there is another way to take it. It is encouraging to know that God will speak when we need direction and guidance in our lives. When we simply don’t know hos to go on, God has something to say that will help.

No, he won’t tell you what you did wrong putting your child’s new toy together. But he will give you instructions for how to proceed when your life seems to have hit a dead end, when life’s road seems to be too rocky or steep,and when there are too many twists and turns to believe you can go it alone safely.

Just as Moses knew the Israelites could turn to the Lord when facing uncertainty in their journey and David knew he could turn to the Lord when faced with advancing enemies, we can turn to God’s Word and find instruction for our lives.

If you aren’t familiar enough with God’s Word to know where to find the help you need, ask someone that has spent time with it. She or he will gladly help you find God’s message for your life.