Are You Lost?

What does it mean to be lost?

We all know what lost means. We were trying to get somewhere, maybe even trying to get home, and we missed a turn or made a wronAre you lost?g turn. Now we don’t recognize anything, see none of our usual landmarks. Maybe we can retrace our route, but everything is so unfamiliar, we again turn the wrong way. Now we must either get help or wander around aimlessly.

In wandering around we might find something to take the place of where we were going. We might even decide it is better than what we were originally looking for. But it isn’t what we were looking for. Regarding our original destination we are still lost, even if we have found another place to be, specially if our original destination was home.

The same is true when we spiritually use the term “lost.”

Each of us is traveling somewhere. When we get to the end of life’s journey we will be somewhere. It will only be the right somewhere if, first, we know where we want to go and, second, if we know how to get there. Traveling through life aimlessly is the condition God called “lost.”

“For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.”
Jesus, Luke 19:10

Jesus spoke of life as a choice between two ways with two possible destinations (Matthew 7:13-14). One way is easy to find. Even the aimless can (and will) find it. The other way is specific. It requires finding the narrow gate. But directions to that gate are readily available. If you aren’t adept at reading the map (Bible), help is available. Or if you wish someone to share the journey with, we are available. Click here to contact me via email and I will help you get in contact with someone from your area.



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