I am a Conservative

Yes, I am biblically conservative, and happy to say so.

I know conservatives are vilified as intolerant, inflexible and old-fashioned, but there are reasons that I wish to be identified with them.

Why do I hold to traditions that are hundreds of years old? I have studied the bases of these traditions and find them to be solidly built on the foundation of God’s Word. These hallmarks of the churches of Christ, so much maligned in recent times, are dear to me for I find that they were instituted by my Lord and Savior. It is to him I must be true and it is his message and mission that I must uphold.

That is not to say that nothing can ever change in the church and its activities. Different types of songs, different styles of preaching, different types of meeting places, etc., have all been used without any abuse to the doctrine of Christ.

But at the same time, there are certain tenets that are absolute and unchangeable because the Lord has stated them and so they must stand. We read the scriptures with an eye open for any instruction that would provide a definitive statement regarding our salvation or our practice of Christian living as individuals and as congregations.

So, for example, we are inflexible in regard to the fact that our music is by singing, but we have many different types of songs that we do sing, from very old to very new styles. As another example, we are intolerant of teachers that change the biblical definition of salvation yet we welcome preachers that bring a fresh approach in how to present “the old story.” For example number three: as long as the church is meeting together to the glory of God, the meeting can be held in many differing styles of buildings be they borrowed, rented, leased, or purchased, large or small, traditional or modern, portable, etc.

There are many differences that truly don’t matter at all. But we cannot change where the Lord has specified the what or the how. Because of that, I am a conservative.


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  1. Posted by Leon van Neel on June 12, 2012 at 2:38 am

    brother Gary, my search for networking with conservative has been blessed indeed. i also regard myself as a conservative. and im nt ashamed of that even though i might not be favoured by many christians because of my stand in the faith.
    i still need more knowlegde and intentsive insight of the whole scripture, i personally was taught the gospel by the liberal brethren, was one of the first convert in our city, Windhoek, Namibia in Southern Africa.

    After finding some flaw in some activties of the brethren that did not cooperate and corresspond with the doctrine of the apostle this a departed from them, with the help of brother Terrell Bunting and the Mydells married couple.

    Currently im in Rundu now and by the grace of God have started a small congregation, we are close to 15 members and an other group is in the villiage some 30km east of about 10 members, this work was established last year in June.

    My email address is youth.nobles@yahoo.com my name is Leon van Neel


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