You Knew That!

The words stung. The nobleman in Jesus’ parable of the ten minas (Luke 19:11-27) berated his foolish steward. He had given a direct order: conduct my business while I am gone. But the steward decided he knew better. It would be better to play it safe. Why risk his master’s money? He thought, “He is a hard man. He can even turn a profit where he has no investment. I must be absolutely sure I can return this safely to him.” But he had interpreted his master incorrectly.

And the worst part was, he knew better! Instead of interpreting and devising his own plan, he should have simply followed the direct order: “Engage in business until I come” (ESV). (Other versions say, “Trade herewith;” “Occupy;” “Put this money to work.”) The steward KNEW that his master expected gain; but he instead followed his own plan.

We easily can know what Jesus expects. His own words and the instructions passed through his apostles are readily available in the scriptures. Let this parable motivate us to take what we know and put it into practice. Don’t allow it to be a treasure hidden away “for safe keeping.” Make it a resource used to accomplish God’s revealed will in this world. He is expecting results!


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