The Church Christ Envisioned

“This church (the local church that each Christian should join) must look like the one that Jesus envisioned when he built the church.” (Howard Norton, longtime missionary in Brazil, in The Christian Chronicle, August 2011, available here) This quote led me to think of the following:

That is our plan. To build, be, develop, grow and belong to the church Jesus envisioned. That is one of the reasons we choose the name Church of Christ. That is why we base every decision on what Jesus and his apostles said and wrote.

And, since we base our practices completely on what is written in scripture, we have some practices that differ with the majority of churches. The conviction to follow the Bible only, completely, and absolutely has led us to teach adult baptism as opposed to baptizing infants, a capella music for worship as opposed to any mechanical instruments, and congregational autonomy as opposed to organization in synods, dioceses, etc.

We look strange to some, but the church looked strange to those who saw her first built, too. The breakaway from Old Covenant ritual and the avoidance of societal habits estranged the early Christians from other religious folks. Note that Peter called them strangers, foreigners, aliens (1 Peter 1:1, 2:11).

Not that we are different just for the sake of being different. But because we do not allow the world around us to change our allegiance to what the Bible dictates, we will continue to look strange. Let’s just make every effort to have that look mirror the vision Christ had when he built his church.


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  1. Posted by Bonnie on April 23, 2012 at 12:01 pm

    The Church Christ Envisioned
    This fits as an introduction to our current evening study. I still don’t understand our adverse feelings about any musical instrument during our music worship. I view it as the church ignoring Old Test. musical instruments used in temple celebrations I’ve been thru the catacombs in Rome and understand the secrete meetings wanting soft to silent, meetings. But surely the Jews used harps etc.when singing praise in the days of Paul and Timothy’s church groups. Where does it say THAT tredition must not be permited. I believe modern founders made this decision.


    • Actually, the Jews did not use mechanical instruments in their Sabbath Day observances. There were mechanical instruments used by the Levites at the temple in Jerusalem, but not in the synagogues where the Jews met weekly for spiritual renewal.


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