I thought so…

I was certain it would happen, but research now proves it. The number of adults nationwide that tithe to churches and charitable organizations has dropped from around 6% during the previous decade to 4% during the current economic situation [The Barna Group: “Donors Proceed with Caution, Tithing Declines”].

I am not at all concerned with the facts expressed earlier in that same article–that the amount of giving has declined. If people are making less, it stands to reason they would give less. But I am concerned that anyone who has decided to tithe would stop doing so for any reason. Even if your income is cut in half, you can still give 10% of that half. (For the uninitiated, that is what tithe means: 10%.)

What is most disheartening is that many who have stopped tithing have NOT had a setback in income. They have stopped tithing because of uncertainty about their future. That is one of the greatest of the blessings of knowing God–we don’t have to worry about the future! As the apostle Paul wrote, it matters not whether it is a time of plenty or poverty, I can be content; I have learned the secret of facing any situation: live life through Christ, the one who strengthens me! (Paraphrased from Philippians 4:11-13.)

You decided to tithe… or perhaps you use some other percentage… you decided it because you felt a need to thank, honor, or work with God; you felt blessed by him and needed to respond. Though things look bleak in the world, we are still blessed by God; we still receive what we receive by his grace. We also have an assurance that he will help us through whatever we face in the future, finally bringing us to our eternal home with him. Let’s continue to “give as we have been prospered” (First Corinthians 16:2, Second Corinthians 8:12) and not hold back because of a worldly fear.

May God bless you all,


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