Change of Plans

    This Sunday morning, I will be presenting a lesson based on Jesus’ statement, “You must be born again.” It is part of a series of lessons based on Jesus’ teachings.

    I had not planned this as part of this series because I recently presented a similar lesson as part of a series on Bible characters (Nicodemus). But I saw a bumper sticker this week: “I was born right the first time.” That led me to ask myself, “What about that term, born again, caused someone to create that bumper sticker?”

    Doing some research about the bumper sticker and those that would promote it, I ran across some thoughts that were disturbing. They weren’t disturbing because they promoted atheism. That is what I expected. They were disturbing because they were correct!

    Here is one particular statement that caught my attention: “Religion, as always, makes the world less safe.”* I believe that statement is true. But I also believe that being born again has a great impact on the potential danger. When you hear the lesson Sunday morning (11/7/2010) you will see what I mean.

    You will also see why this lesson does fit in this series. It’s a review of Jesus’ statements that often are misapplied in our society. For each lesson I ask, “What was Jesus really trying to say here that we may have missed?” In this case, it’s easy to see that we are only in the kingdom when we have made a conscious choice to be there, when we have gone to the trouble of being born again. But we may not have realized why Jesus used that specific term in that context.

    Let’s talk about what he really meant. See you Sunday!

Gary Greene

* as viewed on 11/2/2010


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