Selecting the Right One for the Job

    Often employers will leave a position unfilled for a lengthy period of time while looking for just the right person. We have several positions coming open in our state and local governments in a few weeks. In many cases, it appears there is NO qualified person for the job.

    Oh, there are hoards that meet the basic requirements. But we aren’t just looking for a warm body to fill a spot. We need leadership skills, fiscal know-how, and realistic goals with an unrestrained vision. Some of the positions require God-like qualities of tolerance, compassion, and dedication. It takes near superhuman wisdom to remain true to stated beliefs about government while at the same time showing compassion for those affected by factors beyond that government’s control AND being able to work with those who believe opposite (several versions of the opposite, at that).

    While we are looking for such people for these important positions, time marches on. But wait…there is a law that says we must choose that person by Nov. 2! How in the world are we going to do this? It appears we must, once again, choose between the lesser to two evils.

    Pray hard!

Gary Greene


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