On Vacation

    This crisp Lord’s Day morning (38 degrees Fahrenheit in South Lake Tahoe, California) begins our last full day away from the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives. This week, in addition to enjoying the beauty of Lake Tahoe, its beaches and surrounding hills, and being able to have uninterrupted time together, we have enjoyed fellowship with Christians from around the country at the annual Tahoe Family Encampment. This morning we will again meet more of God’s family as we worship with the Tahoe Church of Christ.

    It is always a joy to visit with family during vacations. In my large family, at almost every family reunion I meet someone new. I have 60 first cousins! I doubt that I will ever meet all their children. But it’s always a happy time when I’m able to spend time with new-found relations. The same is true in God’s family. It is wonderful to know I can find previously unknown brothers and sisters in almost any locale.

    It is such an uplifting experience to think of those I have met in different places all joining together as the Body of Christ around the Table of Remembrance on Sunday morning. As we all break the bread of the Lord’s Supper we should realize a communion with Christians worldwide. This is hard to accomplish without being able to think upon some particular faces or names. When I think of all those I have met and realize they are there around that table with me, it helps me realize and remember the unity that Christ prayed we would have.

    I pray your next experience around the Lord’s Table will be enriched by thinking of all your Christian family in other places joining with you in observance.

The peace and love of God be with you all.



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