The “Problem” of Suffering

    My friend, Richard Blythe, writes daily "Sunrise," "Sunshine," and "Sunset" posts on his Facebook account. Many of them are funny; most are inspirational. "Saturday’s Sunrise" for June 5th really gives one a different perspective regarding the suffering that occurs in our lives and how we would love to avoid it.

    We usually believe no purpose could be discovered behind any of it. I don’t know if we could say that every instance of suffering has some grand purpose. But we should realize that every moment, whether it initially appears to be good or bad, can be used for great good, if we simply live through it all with the plan of doing whatever good comes our way to do.

    Richard speaks of his mother-in-law that recently moved thousands of miles for the purpose of cancer treatment. For various reasons, the adopted Blythe children had not been able to get to know their grandmother before that move. Here is what Richard observed:

Watching Grandma at 86 sitting on a bench in the back yard holding one end of a jump rope and patiently teaching whichever kiddo has the other end of the rope how important it is “to turn the rope together” causes me real reflection: What wouldn’t I have done to spare her this battle with cancer? Yet because of this battle, seven children who only knew a name and picture, now adore their friend.


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