Case in Point

     I’ve been suggesting that some Christians need “A Different Place” as their destination. Of course, we all know that heaven is our destination. But we need to be sure that we are truly aiming at heaven. Is it true that some who think they are heading toward heaven are heading the wrong way?

     A blog post Tuesday (3/16) on by “cataractmoon” illustrates what I’ve been trying to say. He described his parents who treated baptism as a miracle ritual that would change their child’s destiny from hell to heaven. The problem is probably best expressed by the line, “I entered the water without even thinking of God.” They were teaching their son that we can save ourselves with the right actions, God being secondary.

     If instead we teach a relationship with God based on trust, we will grow Christians who fill their lives with actions that are done with God and through his strength. The difference is that we will fill our lives with actions that truly submit to God rather than having a few rituals that have been chosen as magical charms.


Gary Greene


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