Going To a Different Place, part 1

     I once lived where I would walk past the firehouse every time I went to the office. Nearly every time I went by, the firefighters would be washing one of their vehicles in the front driveway. It seemed that their job was to keep the equipment shiny. Of course, we know that wasn’t their job. But they needed to keep the equipment in top condition so they could fulfill their actual roles.

     I’ve also been impressed to see the trophy cases at some firehouses. They are rightfully proud of their victories against other squads in contests that test their speed, agility, and hose handling abilities. Once again, these firefighters know that winning contests is not the purpose of their training. Rather the contests are part of the training that helps them fulfill their true responsibilities.

     Sometimes we find Christians who think they fulfill their role, as Christians, when they “attend church” and partake in its rituals. But anyone thinking such has missed the essence of Christianity. We are active with our local church and participate in its activities because it supports our life with God. Knowing the right way to do these things is appropriate. But it’s not the doing of these things that make us right with God. God’s grace working through our faith accomplishes what we truly need.

     Tomorrow we’ll explore how this is accomplished, so be sure to check back!


Gary Greene


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