Election Time, updated

There are so many reasons not to vote for Barak I mean John well, either of them!

There are also many reasons why you might be wanting to vote for a particular presidential candidate. But what I keep hearing in the ads is why not to vote for him … either him … and her neither!

People will word it in a positive way, but it’s still a negative reason. For example, “Vote for change” is the positive way of saying, “We want no more of what the party in office has been doing.” “Vote for experience” is another way of saying, “Don’t vote for my opponent because he is inexperienced.”

What do we really need to do with this election? We need to realize that who is president is a very unimportant matter when compared to the question, “Who is king?”

Yes, king. There will be many negative traits in whichever of the candidates is elected president. But we had better be absolutely certain that there are no negative traits in who we bow to as king.

Presidents serve for 8 years maximum (up to 10 years if they finish the term of the previous president, as Lyndon Johnson did). A king serves for eternity.

Presidents touch our lives in small ways from far away. A king is intimately involved in our lives right at home.

A president is provided a house, transportation and a great number of servants at considerable public expense. Your king is automatically housed, transported and cared for by you, personally, at every moment.

The president I refer to is the President of the United States. The king I refer to is who or what rules your own personal life.

He or it sits on the throne of your heart. Every decision is made by your king. Every moment is directed by his will. Every resource you place at his disposal. Everything that is yours is actually his.

Who is your king? Is it acceptance? Is it pleasure? Is it adventure? Is it romance? Is it money? Is it entertainment, music, movies, TV? Is it ambition? Is it vengeance? Is it ego?

Or is it God Almighty?

Oh, and another difference between the president and your king: Voting on the president occurs every four years. The selection of your king is made or remade during every waking moment. What king are you serving right now?


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